Maple Lane RV Park & Marina

RV Park Rules

Welcome! We will do our best to insure that you have a pleasant stay at Maple Lane RV Park & Marina. We have some simple park rules to help provide a pleasant stay for you and your guests.

  • REGISTRATION – All guests must be registered. Overnight guests must pay applicable fees.
  • FACILITIES USE – Guests use facilities and amenities at their own risk. The park is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather or catastrophic events.
  • RIGHT OF REFUSAL – The park reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • VEHICLE CONDITION – The park reserves the right to approve or reject any guest based on the age and/or appearance of their vehicles. RV’s older than 10 years must have Manager approval.
  • QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours are between the hours of 10 pm to 8 am. During this time, no loud music, obnoxious parties or late traffic is permitted in the park.
  • SPEED LIMIT – Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH or slower. Only you can prevent speed bumps.
  • EXTRA VEHICLE PARKING – Park only where there are designated parking spaces. Please don’t encroach on your neighbor.
  • CHECK OUT TIME – Check out time is 12 Noon unless prior approval is given by Manager.
  • SEWER CONNECTIONS – Sewer hoses are to be correctly hooked up. No leaks will be tolerated. Sewer hoses must be supported by manufactured supports (use of bricks, rocks, boards or other paraphernalia is not allowed. Report all water leaks to the Manager immediately.
  • GARBAGE & RECYCLABLE – Please bag all garbage. All fish, seafood and meat items need to be sealed in plastic bags. We have containers for recyclables, please place only those materials listed on each container in them.
  • SITE CARE – Keep your space and grounds neat and clean. Smokers – please pick up any cigarette butts on the ground. No skirting, fences, utility sheds, tarps, decks, clothing lines or outside appliances are permitted in RV spaces.
  • CAMP FIRES – No camp fires or fire pits are allowed in RV spaces. Closed grills are OK. No BBQ’s allowed on top of wood tables. We have a large fire pit in the tent camping area for use of our RV guests. Our tent campers have fire rings available for their use at each site.
  • SITE SPACES – Keep off all fences and please respect your neighbors’ space by using common walkways for navigating the park.
  • VEHICLE CARE – No mechanical work on vehicles without Manager prior approval. No wrecked or non-running vehicles allowed in the park. Current registration is required. RV washing is permitted with the use of a spray nozzle.
  • EXTRA VEHICLE PARKING – There is an extra charge for a 3rd vehicle per space, regards of type of vehicle (trailer, boat, motorcycle, etc.).
  • PETS – Pets are welcome with Manager approval. Keep dogs on a leash when they are out. Do not leave pets unattended. When you are away, keep your pets inside your RV. Clean up after your pets. Preferred dog area is the county parking lot adjacent to the park.
  • DOCK USE – Please follow the dock rules – available at Office.
  • COMMON COURTESY – Common courtesy will prevail between all persons using the park. Profane, abusive and/or threatening language or actions directed at park personnel or other guests will not be tolerated.

This is not an RV resort for everyone and we want to ensure that before you commit yourselves to staying here that you understand what is expected of each of our guests. Maple Lane RV Park & Marina has created an excellent reputation for ourselves for maintaining a clean and happy environment for our patrons, but a large part of that has to do with the rules that we have made, based on our experiences, that make it possible to keep this park operating in good condition so it’s enjoyable for all our guests. If you have problems with some of these rules, then ask us for more information before you make a reservation and see if they are things you can vacation with.

Thank you for your cooperation —
Enjoy your stay at Maple Lane RV Park & Marina!